The 7 Day Challenge

Monday, October 30, 2006


And the race is on. As predicted, the final week drew the most entries yet. 19 other competitors, and Andy's not to subtle reminder about how to make it into the final four means I'll really have a challenge on my hands.

Last weeks winner had 633 views - the most of any of the winners so far. I now know how many people I'm up against, and have an idea of what it will take to become this weeks finalist. Since there are still a lot of unknowns, I'm not going to make up any formulas, but just set a goal of getting 1057 unique views. Okay, I lied a little. I figured out that there are roughly 67% more entries this week, so I'll need roughly 67% more views than last weeks winner. Completely unscientific, but now I have a goal.

Want to help get the ball rolling? Click the link below for the first part of the article and the chance to give me my 2nd unique view.

Are You Making These Costly Mistakes with Your Search Marketing?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beating the Buzzer

After feeling a bit under the weather a few hours ago, I wondered if I would make the 6pm dealine for submitting my article. Thanks to some aspirin from a good friend, I got my submission down to a lean, mean fighting weight of 998 words.

Wow! It's interesting to see that number considering I had more I wanted to share. So, I've decided to make my entry the first in a series, and will publish the rest here. My submission should be posted on October 30th, and at that time you can read the first portion. After the entry has been posted, come back for the last 2 sections of the article.

From October 30th, I'll be trying to get as many visitors as possible to my article and will detail how I do it. If I'm successful, and my article isn't complete rubbish, I should have a chance at becoming this week's finalist. Even if you're not interested in search marketing, hopefully my quest for visitors will give you some ideas for your own marketing.

Let the games begin!

Introduction : The Challenge

On November 8th, marketing pilgrim Andy Beal will announce the winner of his $6,000 Search Engine Marketing Scholarship contest. Among other substantially valuable software, training and reference materials, the winner will receive a full conference pass to Search Engine Strategies in December, where industry legend Danny Sullivan will be appearing for the last time.

With a very attractive prize package, lots of search marketers have thrown in their best efforts. After studying the competition, I've decided to join it.

Half of the challenge is submitting an article that will make it past high profile judges like Rand Fishkin, Kim Krause Berg, Aaron Wall and more. The other part of the challenge is attracting enough eyes to my article to push it into the weekly finals.

Studying the previous articles has given me the advantage of seeing which topics pull the most clicks, but it also puts me at a disadvantage statistically. Week one brought in 11 entries, week two brought in 5 entries, and week 3 shows 12 entries. Even though this isn't a large sample, I'm going to bet that the last week will bring in at least 12 entries (matching week three), and possibly more. It's the last chance at what will be a golden opportunity in the right hands, so I'm sure that everyone waiting on the sidelines will jump in to take their best shot.

Today, I'll submit my entry, and over the next few days I'm going to take on the challenge of becoming the finalist for the week of October 30th. I have 7 days to get as many unique views as possible to my article. From there it's a matter of luck and bribery. Just joking about the bribery, though if any of the judges can be influenced by links or drinks....